• American Experience -- Government film: Incapacitation by Enterotoxin
    Government film: Incapacitation by Enterotoxin
    A U.S. Government film about food poisoning, and testing Enterotoxin on monkeys.
  • American Experience -- Government Film: Botulism
    Government Film: Botulism
    A U.S. Government film on the effects of botulism toxin on Rhesus monkeys.
  • American Experience -- Soylent Green Trailer
    Soylent Green Trailer
    Released in 1973, Soylent Green depicts a future in which human over-consumption ...
  • American Experience -- Influenza: Chapter 1
    S10 E5: Influenza: Chapter 1
    Watch chapter 1 of Influenza
  • American Experience -- Government Film: Combat America
    Government Film: Combat America
    Selections from the 1943 Clark Gable film.
  • American Experience -- Government Film: Memphis Belle
    Government Film: Memphis Belle
    Excerpts from a U.S. Government film on the bombing missions of the Memphis ...
  • American Experience -- Interview Dr. Alfred Crosby
    Interview Dr. Alfred Crosby
    Dr. Alfred Crosby, author of Epidemic and Peace 1918: America's Forgotten ...
  • American Experience -- Interview Dr. Shirley Fannin
    Interview Dr. Shirley Fannin
    AMERICAN EXPERINCE interviewed Dr. Shirley Fannin in 1997. Currently, Fannin is ...
  • American Experience -- Author Interview: Neil Maher
    Author Interview: Neil Maher
    Neil Maher on The Depression, President Roosevelt's motivation to create the ...
  • American Experience -- Flood Film Clips
    Flood Film Clips
    Footage from the 1927 flood. Clips include shots of workers along the ...
  • American Experience -- The High Scalers of Hoover Dam
    The High Scalers of Hoover Dam
    People came from across the country to witness the construction of Hoover Dam. ...
  • American Experience -- Building Diversion Tunnels
    Building Diversion Tunnels
    The most dangerous phase of Hoover Dam's construction was building the diversion ...
  • American Experience -- Hoover Dam: Moving the Concrete
    Hoover Dam: Moving the Concrete
    On June 6, 1933, workers began pouring concrete to build what would become the ...
  • American Experience -- The Government's Plan
    The Government's Plan
    Building the 700 foot high dam was only one piece of the puzzle. Workers would ...
  • American Experience -- Rerouting the Colorado River
    Rerouting the Colorado River
    Throughout the course of a day, workers dumped rocks into the river's path. By ...