• NOVA -- Lethal Seas Excerpt 3
    Lethal Seas Excerpt 3
    Lethal Seas Excerpt 3
    Air Date 5/12/2015
  • NOVA -- Lethal Seas Excerpt 4
    Lethal Seas Excerpt 4
    Lethal Seas Excerpt 4
    Air Date 5/12/2015
  • NOVA -- Lethal Seas Excerpt 1
    Lethal Seas Excerpt 1
    Lethal Seas Excerpt 1
    Air Date 5/12/2015
  • NOVA -- Nazi Attack on America
    S42 E10: Nazi Attack on America
    A sunken German U-boat off the coast of New Orleans tells the story of Operation ...
    Air Date 5/6/2015
  • NOVA -- The Great Math Mystery
    S42 E7: The Great Math Mystery
    Is math invented by humans, or is it the language of the universe?
    Air Date 4/15/2015
  • NOVA -- The Mother of Hubble
    The Mother of Hubble
    Astronomer Nancy Roman worked on Hubble's design and development for more than ...
    Air Date 4/14/2015
  • NOVA -- Sunken Ship Rescue
    S42 E2: Sunken Ship Rescue
    A team of 500 engineers and divers struggle to raise the Costa Concordia cruise ...
    Air Date 1/21/2015
  • NOVA -- First Man on the Moon
    S41 E22: First Man on the Moon
    He risked his life for the nation and became a world icon, but who was Neil ...
    Air Date 12/3/2014
  • NOVA -- Emperor's Ghost Army
    S41 E20: Emperor's Ghost Army
    Explore the buried clay warriors, chariots, and bronze weapons of China’s ...
    Air Date 11/12/2014
  • NOVA -- Bigger Than T. rex
    S41 E19: Bigger Than T. rex
    Meet Spinosaurus—the lost killer of the Cretaceous and the world's largest ...
    Air Date 11/5/2014
  • NOVA -- First Air War
    S41 E18: First Air War
    How did fighter planes evolve from rickety biplanes into deadly machines during ...
    Air Date 10/29/2014
  • NOVA -- Ben Franklin's Balloons
    S41 E17: Ben Franklin's Balloons
    Experts recreate the French's daring first manned flights, which Franklin had ...
    Air Date 10/22/2014
  • NOVA -- Vaccines—Calling the Shots
    S41 E14: Vaccines—Calling the Shots
    Examine the science behind vaccinations, the return of preventable diseases, and ...
    Air Date 9/10/2014
  • NOVA -- Formation of a Typhoon
    Formation of a Typhoon
    Formation of a Typhoon
    Air Date 6/25/2014
  • NOVA -- Why Sharks Attack
    S41 E11: Why Sharks Attack
    Will analyzing the hunting instincts of this endangered predator reduce deadly ...
    Air Date 5/7/2014
  • NOVA -- Flatfish Larvae
    Flatfish Larvae
    Flatfish larvae require light to swim upright.
    Air Date 5/6/2014
  • NOVA -- Dolphin Mirror
    Dolphin Mirror
    Research suggests that dolphins can recognize themselves in the mirror.
    Air Date 4/22/2014
  • NOVA -- RNAi Explained
    RNAi Explained
    An immune response recently discovered in plants and some animals is called ...
    Air Date 4/22/2014
  • NOVA -- Dogs' Sense of Time
    Dogs' Sense of Time
    Dogs' keen sense of smell seems to help them measure the passing of time.
    Air Date 4/13/2014
  • NOVA -- Cockatoo Excerpt
    Cockatoo Excerpt
    Cockatoo solves lock puzzle
    Air Date 4/8/2014
  • NOVA -- Solar Power's Promise
    Solar Power's Promise
    Solar power is the poster child for transforming our energy system.
    Air Date 2/26/2014