• POV -- 56 Up - Trailer
    S26 E13: 56 Up - Trailer
    In 1964 a group of 7-year-old children were interviewed for the groundbreaking ...
  • POV -- Trailer
    S26 E12: Trailer
    Brooklyn public school I.S. 318, serving mostly minority students from ...
  • POV -- Funding Dilemmas
    S26 E12: Funding Dilemmas
    Student Body President Pobo and I.S. 318 staff deal with a mid-year budget cut.
  • POV -- The Chess Program
    S26 E12: The Chess Program
    Take a peek into the championship-winning chess program at I.S. 318 in Brooklyn.
  • POV -- Popular Geeks
    S26 E12: Popular Geeks
    Principal Rubino explains that at I.S. 318, the chess kids are the cool kids.
  • POV -- Honoring the Graduates
    S26 E12: Honoring the Graduates
    Rochelle's class graduates from I.S. 318
  • POV -- The Push for Extracurricular Activities
    S26 E12: The Push for Extracurricular Activities
    In this extended interview, Principal Rubino describes the importance of ...
  • POV -- Brooklyn Castle: Step Auditions
    S26 E12: Brooklyn Castle: Step Auditions
    In this deleted scene from 'Brooklyn Castle,' Rochelle auditions for the school ...
  • POV -- At a Tournament
    S26 E12: At a Tournament
    The chess team heads to Minnesota for the Junior High National Chess ...
  • POV -- Filmmaker Interview
    S26 E12: Filmmaker Interview
    Filmmaker Katie Dellamaggiore talks about the making of 'Brooklyn Castle,' a ...
  • POV -- Preview
    S26 E12: Preview
    Follow five members of a champion chess team from a below-the-poverty-line ...
  • POV -- Swagger: The Antidote for Disappointment
    S26 E12: Swagger: The Antidote for Disappointment
    Family members and school staff support Justus Williams, a chess prodigy who is ...
  • POV -- Benefits of Chess
    S26 E12: Benefits of Chess
    Chess coach Elizabeth Vicary explains how teaching kids chess encourages them to ...
  • POV -- High Stakes Tests
    S26 E12: High Stakes Tests
    Mr. Pultz tells his students about the New York City high school placement tests ...
  • POV -- Best Kept Secret - Trailer
    S26 E11: Best Kept Secret - Trailer
    A Newark, N.J. public high school teacher races against the clock to find a ...
  • POV -- Best Kept Secret - Preview
    S26 E11: Best Kept Secret - Preview
    Study a public school for severely autistic minority boys and their options for ...
  • POV -- The World Before Her - Trailer
    S26 E10: The World Before Her - Trailer
    'The World Before Her' is a tale of two Indias: In one, a small-town girl ...
  • POV -- The World Before Her - Preview
    S26 E10: The World Before Her - Preview
    Meet two Indian women: a pageant contestant and the leader of a fundamentalist ...
  • POV -- Ping Pong - Trailer
    S26 E9: Ping Pong - Trailer
    Championships in China's Inner Mongolia. British players Terry, 81, who has been ...
  • POV -- Ping Pong - Preview
    S26 E9: Ping Pong - Preview
    Follow competitors in the Over 80 World Table Tennis Championships in China’s ...
  • POV -- 5 Broken Cameras - Trailer
    S26 E8: 5 Broken Cameras - Trailer
    Nominated for an Oscar®, '5 Broken Cameras' is a deeply personal first-hand ...