• Shindana Toys: Dolls That Made a Difference
    BY Yolanda Hester | November 26, 2019
    During the late 19th and early 20th century, many mass-produced black dolls were stereotypical, caricature-like and expressed racist undertones. Shindana Toys helped change the paradigm, irrevocably changing the toy industry today.
  • 5 Best Ways to Explore the Universe at Mt. Wilson Observatory
    BY Sandi Hemmerlein | November 19, 2019
    Located at 5,715 feet above sea level, Mt. Wilson Observatory is one of the oldest and most historic gateways to space that’s been treasured by professional and amateur stargazers alike. Here's how to get the most of your trip there.
  • Where to Recapture the Roaring Twenties in Modern-Day L.A.
    BY Sandi Hemmerlein | November 6, 2019
    Prohibition was a dark chapter in Los Angeles history. But thankfully, the city was never really dry. Some L.A. landmarks that didn’t just survive Prohibition –– they thrived, running wetter than ever.
  • Your Ultimate Guide to November: 20 Cool Things to do in SoCal
    BY Christine Ziemba | November 1, 2019

    We found a number of notable happenings and cool events in November to help plan your social calendar. Read on for details about all of PBS SoCal’s event picks. Nov. 2 GRAND ...

  • Native American Heritage Month programming on PBS SoCal and KCET
    BY Lauren | November 1, 2019

    November is Native American Heritage Month, a time to honor and pay tribute to the history, culture, and traditions of Native Americans. This month PBS SoCal and KCET have a ...

  • Toyo Miyatake: Capturing the Stories of Japanese Americans in L.A.
    BY Yosuke Kitazawa | October 29, 2019
    Toyo Miyatake's photographs provide an intimate window into the world of Japanese Americans in Los Angeles in its darkest times in Manzanar and through its most joyous occasions. Learn about the man behind the lens.
  • Riots, Love Fests, Buried Secrets: Griffith Park’s Hidden Histories
    BY Carren Jao | October 24, 2019
    Since its gifting to Los Angeles on December 1896, Griffith Park has been the sprawling landscape on which Angelenos have drawn their dreams. Learn more about its many unexpected histories.
  • Where to Experience Horror Film History in L.A.
    BY Sandi Hemmerlein | October 23, 2019
    From horror film location tours to the Hollywood Museum Dungeon of Doom, here are the best places to get up-close to cinema's most terrifying monsters and villains.
  • Meet Local Hero Nominee: Ron Finley
    October 22, 2019
    Finley has turned his property into a thriving community garden, creating a source of free organic produce for a neighborhood where the obesity rates are said to be three times higher than those in West Los Angeles. In 2017, with the help of funds from such organic company supporters and individuals who admired his work such as Nell Newman of Newman’s Own, Bette Midler, Annie’s Organic, Clif Bars and Dr. Bronner’s, Finley bought the property.
  • Meet Local Hero Nominee: Ricardo Rosales
    October 22, 2019
    Ricardo Rosales is a member of the executive team of Midnight Mission, responsible for overall operation of Homelight Family Living which provides a path for families in crisis to reunify, rebuild and restore their lives.