Education About

PBS SoCal’s work in the community is focused on inspiring people to fulfill their full potential as lifelong learners who are committed to culture and community. Necessary educational opportunities are often difficult to access, so PBS SoCal helps close the achievement gap through our local education and engagement initiatives – which change the way children learn and introduce them to a world of possibilities.

PBS SoCal Education

PBS educational content is developed specifically to build knowledge, critical thinking, imagination and curiosity. We bring this content to the community – for free – through educational tools and workshops for parents and teachers, as well as through partnerships and events in neighborhoods across the region. Together, our content, resources, and experiences help children achieve success in school, career, and life.


Here’s an overview of some of our leading educational programs and initiatives:

Early Learning / Ready to Learn

Ready To Learn is an effective children’s media program targeted toward America’s most at-risk kids, but made available to all families and children across the country, Ready To Learn’s high-quality transmedia content is unparalleled in its impact, value and necessity. The math- and literacy-based educational programming created by Ready To Learn provides families with effective, non-commercial content that helps prepare kids for success in school.

College & Career / American Graduate

Through the American Graduate Initiative, PBS SoCal has partnered with a number of organizations across Southern California bridging early learning efforts to high school success.

To Foster Change

To Foster Change is a public media initiative of PBS SoCal to change the realities and life outcomes of foster youth in Southern California.