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Sorting and Collecting: Math at Home

A family is doing laundry together to demonstrate how you can practice sorting and collecting at home

Celia and Eliana are doing early math at the park, sorting leaves based on size. They could also sort leaves based on other attributes like color, shape and texture. Children learn early math everywhere and Celia and Eliana’s time at the park, at home and with their family are critical for growing their math thinking and skills.

Celia and Eliana are collecting leaves at the park with their dad, Jesse.

The girls put the big leaves in a pile separate from the little leaves.

Jesse looks at their leaves and says, “Celia and Eliana, you sorted leaves by how big or little they are.”

The girls smile and throw the pile of big leaves into the air.

Quote The more you talk with your child about numbers and counting, the more your child's sorting and collecting skills grows

Try our 'Math Talk'-o-Meter!

The more you talk with your child about numbers and counting, the more your child’s sorting and collecting skills will grow. These simple conversations are so important that we created a fun 'Math Talk'-o-Meter below for you to use to reflect on how often your family talks about numbers and counting together.

Along with talking about math in everyday activities, your child might also benefit from specific activities that are focused on sorting. In this workshop, we share several simple, fun ideas for you and your child to enjoy.

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2/7: Curiosity is important for development! Become a “curiosity guide” at home by encouraging exploration and discovery.

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