National Distribution

PBS SoCal provides expertise in producing, packaging, and delivering national television programs for public television distribution. PBS SoCal’s staff provides production management assistance and complete national public television distribution services for independent producers. The following are examples of the services that may be offered to programs accepted by PBS SoCal in the role of presenting station, but it is not a complete list.

Basic Services

  • Provide advice and guidance to Producer on formatting the production to national standards (such as providing notes on edits, length, credits, promo, and deliverables).
  • Provide guidance to ensure that FCC and Public TV criteria are met regarding content issues and program funding, which includes on-air underwriter message.
  • Make available a public broadcasting-ready screener of program to distributor to request distribution.
  • Upon being accepted by distributor, will negotiate broadcast and distribution rights and will create a national program offer and arrange a feed date.
  • Negotiate and prepare all contracts pertaining to related agreements.
  • Cover the cost of the national satellite feed.
  • Advise producer on E & O insurance requirements and options.
  • Advise producer on requirements for entry in the Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards.

Digital & Social Media Promotional Services

  • Create a landing page for the program on our website.
  • Create a private Vimeo site with password for programmers to watch a preview video of the program and the program promo.
  • Look for opportunities to promote the local broadcast premiere.

Press Promotional Services

  • Create a communications plan to encourage viewership.
  • Write and distribute to targeted media a tune-in press release.
  • Pitch the marketing representatives in selected markets airing the program.
  • Be available to consult with any stations inquiring about press opportunities in their market.

Station Relations Services

  • Execute a station relations plan that meets program objectives and promotes broad carriage of the program on PBS stations.
  • Make available a screener to Public TV system.
  • Contact Public TV stations to encourage and obtain broadcast carriage data prior to feed date and for a limited time following broadcast.
  • Manage written communication to all stations including program updates and special information.

For more information, or to further discuss the needs of a particular program, contact us through our Submissions page and follow our submissions process. If PBS SoCal agrees to present your program nationally, a fee for presenting station services will be negotiated with the producer.