The Annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration


The L.A. County Holiday Celebration was founded in 1959 by the late Kenneth Hahn, who served as supervisor of the Second District of Los Angeles County from 1952-1992. An advocate for the arts, Supervisor Hahn developed the idea of a free daylong concert along the lines of a neighborhood talent show. When pioneering arts leader Dorothy Buffum Chandler asked Supervisor Hahn to support her plan to build an arts complex in Downtown Los Angeles, Hahn agreed, as long as the performing arts center would open its doors to the public for free every Christmas Eve. While The Music Center was under construction, the holiday show was held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, and, in ensuing years, in the supervisors’ hearing room. Once The Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion opened in 1964, the show was held in the new 3,100 seat auditorium, where it has continued to the delight of audiences of all ages for six decades, and counting.

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