Donor Stories

Why do you give? Tell us your story about why you’ve chosen to support PBS SoCal through a planned gift, and we may ask you to record a message that will inspire Southern Californians to learn more, do more and be more.

Ed’s Story
Ed grew up during the Depression and he considers himself fortunate to have been able to attend college. Upon his retirement, Ed committed himself to providing a scholarship to one student as his way of giving back. Ed feels equally passionate about public television. He feels the values of public television are perfectly in sync with his personal values. Just as he created a legacy for education, Ed has committed himself to creating a legacy for public television. By including his PBS station in his will, Ed believes he has done something great by helping to pass PBS on to the next generation.

Alice’s Story
Alice enjoys the news programs PBS offers. She has decided to do a planned gift because she wants to ensure PBS news will be around for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Gordon’s Story
Gordon enjoys the documentaries from Ken Burns and credits his values to PBS. He’s included a small gift in his future plans to support PBS.

LeeAnn’s Story
LeeAnn wants her family to have the same opportunities she had by watching PBS. LeeAnn and her husband feel so strongly about the value of PBS that they have included PBS in their estate plan.