How to Find Us

Broadcast Coverage

Core to the PBS SoCal mission is ensuring that our quality content is available for free—to all who want and need it. Here are all of the places you can find us:

      Broadcast Signal
      Cable/Satellite Coverage


Central to our mission is to foster a love of learning, culture and community using the power of public media. That is why our content is developed specifically to build knowledge, critical thinking, imagination and curiosity. In addition to delivering the full PBS schedule, we offer several channels with a variety of program options:

Primary HD channel with the full line up of PBS shows.

Re-airings of PBS programs, plus alternative local and regional programming.

The best of public television’s nonfiction, news and documentary programming.

24/7 channel dedicated to educational PBS KIDS programs all day, every day.

Channel Guide

To find the PBS SoCal channels in your area, check our channel guide.


PBS SoCal content is also available anytime, anywhere streaming right here on our site, as well as on our mobile apps, and via connected TV services including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Netflix and Roku.  You can also find even more content and behind the scenes extras on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube channels.


If you’re unable to tune into PBS SoCal using an over-the-air antenna, check the channel signal strength available in your area using the FCC’s website. In order to watch any channel, the channel’s signal strength, generally, should be 75% or greater.

To check the signal strength of a PBS SoCal channel, tune into that channel and check your TV’s signal strength meter. Adjust your antenna as needed. In some cases, you may need to move your antenna to a different location.

What to do if you can’t tune in