Save My PBS

PBS Funding at Risk

The President’s proposed budget calls for defunding public broadcasting – including PBS stations. This would have a devastating effect on the public television system as we know it. It is now up to Congress to ultimately decide whether public broadcasting should continue to receive federal funds. Fortunately, we have had bipartisan congressional support before, and there continues to be a strong and compelling case for continued federal funding. We are prepared to make that case – but we need your help.

PBS is Valued, Essential

Federal investment in public broadcasting accounts for just $1.35 per citizen per year. This crucial seed funding allows PBS stations to raise more funding locally, and pays huge dividends to millions of Americans and their families. Federal funds help PBS SoCal provide early childhood education services like Ready to Learn, and programs like PBS NEWSHOUR, FRONTLINE, MASTERPIECE, NATURE and GREAT PERFORMANCES. You can learn more about the Value PBS stations bring to communities across the country here.

Additionally, a recent national bipartisan voter survey found that a majority of voters – including 82% of Independents, 62% of Republicans and 83% of Democrats – support federal funding for public broadcasting.

How You Can Help

If you value PBS SoCal, please visit, where you can contact your lawmakers, sign-up for email alerts, and learn why the federal investment is essential to our mission. Now, more than ever, our country needs a strong public media to educate, inform and inspire every American. And you can help us save public broadcasting:

  • Take Action – learn how you can help protect public media
  • Share – invite your friends to help protect public media using #SavePBS and tagging @pbssocal

Thank you for supporting PBS SoCal. Your support is more critical now than ever.