PBS SoCal 1
  • May 27 5:00 am
    Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
    It takes the cooperation of many people, but the Neighborhood of Make-Believe's garbage problem is solved through recycling.
  • Jun 10 5:00 am
    Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
    Mister Rogers Talks About Art
    Mister Rogers plays with clay and then visits potter, Bill Strickland. They make a pot together at the potter's wheel. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, the Queen admires the King's portrait Miss Paulificate has made on the back of a jacket, and Lady Elaine uses her boomerang magic to cover all the portraits with play clay. Mister Rogers talks about how we can use all kinds of art to express how we feel.
  • Jun 17 5:00 am
    Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
    Pretending Helps with Learning/Ella Jenkins
    Folk-singer Ella Jenkins returns to teach Mister Rogers a song with movements. Pretending is a good way to learn, and Mister Rogers shows how he and his grandson pretend to be elephants. In Make- Believe, there's a periodic puzzling increase in the wind velocity.