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PBS SoCaL presents Buried History with Mark Walberg

November 24 at 7:30pm

Airs on PBS stations nationally.

"Buried History with Mark Walberg" was nominated for a 2016 Los Angeles area Emmy Award in the category of Best Culture/History Programming.


PBS SoCaL is proud to present the premiere of “Buried History”, in which host Mark Walberg travels to small-town America in a vintage hearse to unearth the past. Starting with the tombstones of those integral to the birth of a city to their present-day descendants, he’ll piece together the clues about each town’s genealogy. Generations of history are packed into this half hour filled with facts, folklore, legend, and scandal. Revealed will be the intimate story of how luck, misfortune or bizarre circumstance played an important role in shaping that city. Every town has a story... you just have to know where to dig.

Episode 1 - Avalon

In episode 1, Walberg visits Catalina Island, off the Southern California coast, and the city of Avalon. There, he uncovers important residents and families of the past, the history of development of the island into a popular tourist destination, celebrity sightings, and even a few mysteries.

“Buried History with Mark Walberg” is produced by dick clark company, Ace’s Choice Entertainment, Perch 13 and PBS SoCaL. Executive Producers: Kari Clark, George Saadi, Mark L. Walberg; Co-Executive Producers: Kevin Krupitzer, Jeff Myers; Producer: Brenda Brkusic. 

PBS SoCaL is the Presenting Station for “Buried History with Mark Walberg”
For PBS SoCaL: Executive Producer of Program Development & National Productions, Brenda Brkusic; Station Manager, Ed Miskevich; President & CEO, Andrew Russell; Program Development Coordinator, Michelle Merker.

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