Dawn Ariza

CFO & Vice President, Administration

Dawn ArizaDawn Ariza brings a diverse background in accounting and finance to her role of CFO and Vice President, Human Resources. Ariza has played a critical role in preparing PBS SoCal to transition from a small local station – then KOCE – to becoming the flagship PBS station for Greater Los Angeles and Southern California. Upon joining PBS SoCal in 2004, Ariza created the HR foundation for the organization, including developing competitive health and 401K benefits plans, and modernizing payroll and other employee-driven functions. Later, Ariza effectively managed the organization’s finances to a tight budget during the 2008 recession and beyond.

Ariza’s previous experiences include management, finance and HR roles for companies in a wide range of industries including medical appliances, restaurants, international manufacturing and television. Ariza holds a B.S. degree in Accounting from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs and Managerial Accounting Certification from Colorado Springs College of Business.

Email: dariza@pbssocal.org
Office: (714) 241-4104