Here’s to Arts in SoCal, accessible to all

This weekend, we’ll broadcast the final episode of this season of Articulate with Jim Cotter, our newest arts program.

For the uninitiated, Articulate is a program that aims to make art accessible to everyone, highlighting how creative expression and culture can shine a spotlight on who we are.

In the spirit of Articulate—and making arts accessible to all—PBS SoCal partnered with two Southern California-based arts organizations dedicated to engaging our region through impactful artistic expression.

18th St. Arts Center

Arts in LA accessible to all - mural
Mural by Brendan Fernandes, photo courtesy of 18th St. Arts Center

Currently celebrating its 30th year, 18th St. Arts Center is the largest artist residency program in Southern California (and one of the top programs in the country). A unique blend of think tank and artist residency, 18th St. Arts Center works to “provoke public dialogue through contemporary art-making.” The residency program helps incubate the work of both individual artists and organizations, and the “public dialogue” comes through exhibits, talks and publications.

18th St. Center Arts strives “to provide artists the space and time to take risks, to foster the ideal environment for artists and the public to directly engage, and to create experiences and partnerships that foster positive social change.”

Geffen Playhouse

Arts in LA accessible to all - theater
Photo courtesy the Geffen Playhouse

Now in its third decade of operation, the Geffen Playhouse produces both classic and contemporary (often provocative) pieces and has won more than 50 regional theater awards.

In addition to supporting artists starting their playwriting careers, Geffen Playhouse’s education programs also support underserved adult populations (including veterans, low-income seniors, and homeless adults), high school students, and an improv troupe that performs for elementary school students.

While this season of Articulate with Jim Cotter is drawing to a close, we’ll be airing another season starting Saturday, April 21 at 5:00 p.m., and look forward to bringing more art to you—both locally, and over-the-air. In the meantime, you can stream episodes of this fabulous arts program here. We hope you find a new favorite artist, or learn more about a new medium. Enjoy!