Soundbreaking SoCal’s Favorite Albums

Every night this week, we’ve been treated to episodes of Soundbreaking – the new eight-part documentary on the art of music recording that gives unprecedented access to some of the most celebrated music artists, producers and innovators. The series is brimming with rare archival studio footage and a killer soundtrack, so naturally it sparked a conversation here at the SoCal station about our own personal favorite albums of all time.

Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Album
photo – Eric Meola

In my case, I have to pick Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run. I love that album, and it doesn’t seem to matter how many times I listen to it, it never sounds old or tired. But the great thing about music is there is so much out there to listen to and enjoy! I quizzed my colleagues and here’s what a few of them chose as their favorite album of all time…

George Martin and the Beatles White Album
Courtesy of © Apple Corps Ltd.

“I’m old school, and if I had to pick one favorite of all time it would be The Beatles’ White Album.” –Lauren, Digital Producer for To Foster Change

Tegan and Sara Album
photo source

“Tegan and Sara’s Sainthood. They’re one of my favorite artists and this is my favorite album from them. It’s hard to pick one album, but I thought about how if I were stranded alone on an island, listening to this would take me back to one of the happier times in my life when I was starting out in college and met my girlfriend/partner-in-life. So when I hear songs from this album it just brings me back to that good time and place.”-Steven, Research Coordinator

Paul Simon Graceland Album
photo source

“Paul Simon’s Graceland. I don’t generally listen to many albums straight through, but that one is just sooo good.” –Christine, Community Engagement

Beck Sea Change
photo source

“It’s impossible to pick only one! So I am taking the “stranded on a desert island” approach. If could only take five things with me they would be these five albums – AC/DC: Back in Black, Depeche Mode: Violator, Massive Attack: Mezzanine, Beck: Sea Change, and anything from Lightning Hopkins.

If I had room for only 1, I’d go with Sea Change cause that album goes well with being bummed out, and I’m guessing being stranded on a desert island would leave me feeling pretty down!” –Bob, Vice President of Corporate Underwriting

U2 - The Joshua Tree
photo source

“U2’s The Joshua Tree is definitely one of my favorites. I saw them when they were on tour for that album at the LA Coliseum and it as unforgettable!” –Terry, Director of Development

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
photo source

Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. The musical arrangements and lyrical quality are amazing showing the true talent of young Brian Wilson.” –Wayne, Graphics

We are halfway through the series, and the next four episodes are set to air tonight, next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 10 p.m. You can catch up with the previous episodes by streaming them for a limited time on our website. And in the meantime, keep that vinyl turning and pump up the volume of your own favorite album of all time!