Civil War Style

The new season of Mercy Street starts tonight and part of what makes this drama so compelling is the historical accuracy found in the details of the production. Case in point – the Civil War style seen in the costumes.

Mercy Street

From the full-skirted frocks of the Green sisters, to the conservative dresses of Mary Phinney, to the soldier’s uniforms and the simple clothes of Samuel Diggs – The clothes on Mercy Street help to bring us right into the tumultuous time period. Here’s a look at some of the costume sketches for the new season (including costumes for a couple of the newest characters.)

Caleb Costume Sketch - Mercy Street
Charlotte Costume - Mercy Street
Jane Costume - Mercy Street
Pinkerton - Mercy Street

Tune in tonight at 8 for the Season 2 premiere and be on the look out for the designs above throughout the season!