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Classroom Strategies

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Little boy with magnifying glass in park outside community science citizen science neighborhood sicence

5 Ways Teachers Can Encourage Kids to be Neighborhood Scientists

Getting kids out into the world helps them put theory into practice by finding ways to improve their communities as citizen scientists.
Small children at a preschool center. A teacher holds up one finger as she counts.

Five Ways Early Educators Can Make Math Fun, According to an Early Education Researcher

Education researcher and UCI Assistant Professor Andres Bustamante offers tips on how educators can keep the love of learning math alive and well in kids through play.
Young Hispanic siblings using digital tablet in hammock

Crack the Code: Low-Tech Ways to Get Kids Started with Coding

What is coding anyway? And how can caregivers and educators boost coding skills at home and in the classroom without fancy equipment? It might sound complex, but it's just writing instructions for computers to do; and getting started can be as easy as making a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Male teacher talking to one of his nursery students in the classroom. They are doing arts and crafts.

Five Expert Tips to Promote Art in the Early Education Classroom

Encouraging little ones to make songs and paint pictures is more than about having fun. It can be helpful for them as they explore new forms of expression that can make a positive impact in their futures. Here are some tips for educators on what to do to promote art in their classrooms.
Two Black children lean into something they are working on on a table with paintbrushes and crayons.

Six Ways to Teach Students Engineering from a JPL Education Specialist

Although teaching engineering may appear complex, it is not as daunting as it sounds and teachers don't really need "anything fancy," says JPL ed specialist Ota Lutz. Here are six of her tips on how to get kids enamored with engineering.
A close-up shot of a schoolgirl doing homework with the help of a digital tablet. She is at home sitting at the kitchen table.

Three Virtual Games to Help Students Improve Their Attention in Four Ways

Getting young students to focus on class is difficult. But what does paying attention even mean? Find a few basics on each of the four kinds of attention, coupled with tips and virtual activities that can help little learners develop them.
A small child in a pink shirt stretches out her arms over her head as she sits at a desk with a laptop on it.

Back to Basics: Keeping Students Engaged After a Year of Remote Learning

After months of remote learning, many teachers are struggling to make the experience engaging for kids, making it high time for a reimagining of strategies. But instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, why not go back to tried-and-true strategies? With that in mind, here are some simple tips and tech tools to help teachers reel their kids back into class.
Several children raise their hands in a classroom.

Five Anti-Bias Education Strategies for Early Childhood Classrooms

Here are a few strategies and resources that can help you begin anti-bias education, or go deeper into it, in your classroom by incorporating messages of affirmation, fairness and empowerment into all aspects of learning.

Inquiry Projects: Start with a Child’s Question and Let Curiosity Lead the Way

Anyone who has spent even just a few hours with a young child has seen the impact of curiosity in action. Inquiry-based learning starts with a question and empowers children to have agency in their learning.
loose parts play family kids activity

Let Them Play! Foster Curiosity in Young Students with Loose Parts

With the right prompts, playing can help kids become engaged learners, and you don’t even need toys! Things like boxes, bottle caps, strings and more can create endless opportunities for learning through play.
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