Family Math — Project Documents

Family Math is a PBS SoCal initiative offering insights, tools, and support so parents and caregivers can confidently, joyfully and authentically explore math with children ages 2 to 5.

With a purpose to improve meaningful outcomes for children and communities by leveraging the power of early math skills and unlocking the potential of family engagement, PBS SoCal is committed to growing our understanding of the communities we serve. To set the groundwork for positive experiences with our families, we are developing guiding principles that put them at the center, co-designing the program with parents, and documenting our progress to share with community partners. Below, you will find project documents outlining what are seeking to achieve with this initative and how we plan to accomplish it.

  • Compton Community Survey
    Findings from a survey of Compton parents
    In January 2020, PBS SoCal reached out to families in the City of Compton and asked them to share their views on the level of support local organizations provide in children’s math learning.
  • Designing Family Math
    Recommendations for co-designing a Family Math curriculum with parents
    PBS SoCal worked with the Early Learning Lab to explore the needs of parents and caregivers to support their young children in math. The result was a report with design principles and curriculum recommendations revealed by the families we seek to serve.
  • Diseñando Matemática Familiar (Spanish version of Designing Family Math)
    Recomendaciones para co-diseñar un plan de estudios de Matemática Familiar con padres