Los Angeles Area Emmys honors PBS SoCal with Governors Award

Los Angeles Area Emmys honors PBS SoCal with Governors Award
As of today, PBS SoCal is not just your local PBS, it’s your local Los Angeles Area Emmys Governors Award-winning PBS!

Each year, the Los Angeles Area Emmys honor “an individual, company, or an organization for outstanding, innovative and visionary achievement in the arts, sciences or management of television that has made an industry-wide contribution which is either of a cumulative nature or so extraordinary and universal in nature as to be beyond the scope of the awards presented in the categories and areas of achievement.”

This year, we’re that organization, in recognition for our “American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen” initiative.

Our objective with this program is to put our resources towards guaranteeing every child in Southern California receives not just the education that they are entitled to, but the one they deserve.

For us that means partnering with more than 50 local organizations, it means sharing students’ stories, and it means bringing together teachers and community leaders to exchange best practices and explore new ways to address challenges facing at-risk students.

Each department at PBS SoCal had its metaphorical hands in some aspect of this project, and we’re thrilled to see each and every person’s hard work recognized with this honor.