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About PBS SoCal Family Math

An adult engages with a child playing on a number mat.
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At a Glance: Learn More About Family Math

About Us

Early math skills can unlock powerful opportunities for children. Research has found that if you give your children a strong math start by the age of five, then you’re setting them up for all kinds of success, such as:

  • math and reading achievement in third grade
  • math and reading achievement in fifth grade
  • graduation from high school
  • enrollment in college

So we’re reaching out to families — particularly parents and caregivers — and offering insights, tools, and support so that they can confidently, joyfully and authentically explore math with children aged 2 to 5.

Our Family Math Mission

To facilitate young children’s and families’ development of math knowledge, math interest, math positivity, and leadership skills by supporting family engagement around math in both at-home and out-of-home settings

Learn more about the Family Math vision, mission, and values.

How We're Doing It

We’re partnering with stakeholders throughout Southern California so that families can access fun, developmentally appropriate, culturally relevant math opportunities in their communities. A trip to the grocery store or a walk through the neighborhood shows us that numbers, shapes, sizes and patterns are all around us. Math is everywhere! We’re determined to empower parents and caregivers to make the most of these embedded learning opportunities.

We believe if we put our kids on the “math path,” then the sky’s the limit.

So let’s get our math on!

Our Tools

The PBS SoCal Family Math initiative integrates hands-on curriculum, interactive games, take-home activities, digital videos and rich content that allows for creative and playful learning experiences.

For participants in Compton, California, we’re programming virtual events like caregiver workshops, family math nights and summer learning days. For all of our participants, near, far and in-between, we’re developing a suite of digital tools.

We know that when it comes to young children and families, there is no “one size fits all.” By offering lots of opportunities and entry points, accessible both in English and in Spanish, we hope that everyone can find the support they need to share math experiences with young children, wherever, whenever and however the opportunity presents itself.

Join our mailing list to learn about the latest digital tools we are offering to help your little ones learn math.

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