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Pre-K-3rd Grade
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A small child sits in front of a fireplace and a tree with twinkly lights. She is holding a teddy bear and smiling. iStock

Alternative Ways for Kids to Connect with Loved Ones Over the Holidays

We may not be able to celebrate like we usually do this year, but that doesn’t mean that the holidays are canceled. Far from it! From making special video calls to sending treats in the mail, there are lots of options for connecting with family in different ways. Here are a few ideas from experts.
A Black woman and a small child hug each other and smile in front of an unfocused Christmas tree.istock

Ask the Expert: How Do I Manage My Kids’ Holiday Expectations this Year?

How can grown-ups explain to kids how different this holiday season will be? We asked two child psychologists for their tips on how to manage expectations. The major takeaway? Be honest and fair to yourself.
Seven small children of different skin tones huddle together and smile at the camera. iStock

Celebrate Children's Day by Honoring Other Cultures and Promoting Advocacy

World Children’s Day is Nov. 20 but did you know it's celebrated on different days around the world? Get a taste of other countries' cultures by taking a look at how they celebrate and learn how your little ones can make a positive impact in the lives of other children worldwide.

A Book List for Teaching Little Ones Tolerance and Understanding

From diversity of culture, race, religion, skin color — even neurodiversity — there’s so many differences in all of us to understand and love! Here’s a book list with selections for even the littlest of learners to help you raise tolerant, loving people.
A little girl looks at test tubes through a magnifying glass. iStock

5 Ways for Kids to Celebrate STEM Day

STEM can help kids learn how to think critically, solve problems, work together and question everything. From making giant bubbles to becoming citizen scientists and even visiting the Moon, here are five different ways to get curious — and geeky! — with STEM all year.
Upset looking little girl holds a teddy bear tightly and looks away at the camera as she sits on a couch.

Managing Disappointment: When the Vote Doesn’t Go Our Way

Voting is a great way for children to develop civic decision-making skills but losing a vote can be hard to process. However, with some guidance, they can learn to practice empathy and understanding when they lose. Here are five tips to help kids navigate the experience of losing.
Book cover of “We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga” by Traci Sorell and illustrated by Frané Lessac featuring colorful illustrations of people

More Than Turkey: 9 Thanksgiving Books to Foster Cultural Awareness and Gratitude

Rather than focusing on our taste buds, this Thanksgiving, let’s expand our palette and savor the stories of our shared humanity as we fill kids’ knowledge gaps about the holiday and show them that diversity is something to celebrate all year.
A small child's hand makes a V shape with the fingers.

5 Easy Ways to Talk to Kids About Voting

It's the perfect time to talk to kids about the democratic process and how voting is part of being a good citizen. Here some ideas to get the conversation going.
Three young girls sit on a tree facing away from the camera as they raise their hands together to the sky. | iStock

Talking with Young Kids About Elections, Democracy and Justice for All

During election season and beyond, it’s critical to support children as they make sense of what it means to live in a democracy, be members of a community and use their voices for good.
A Day of the Dead altar is covered in flowers, bread, decorative skulls and intricately cut brightly colored paper.

Día de Los Muertos: A Holiday to Celebrate Life With Your Family

Day of the Dead is less about the macabre and more about remembrance. Read about how colorful skulls and flowers pay homage to loved ones who have passed away.
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