The view from PBS SoCal KIDS #Edcamp

By Carina Gascon, PBS SoCal Education Intern

The view from PBS SoCal KIDS #Edcamp
Photo by Mae Koo

PBS SoCal’s education team recently had the pleasure of partnering with the Compton Unified School District to host roughly forty early childhood educators for the first PBS SoCal KIDS Edcamp. PBS SoCal provided this opportunity to the community to help facilitate conversations around early childhood learning.

For those unfamiliar with an Edcamp, here are the basics:

What is an Edcamp?

Edcamps gained popularity from a small group of educators who informally began a series of discussions about education on social media. This trend gained the attention of educators all over the world. Those discussions transformed into public un-conferences where educators gather to facilitate conservations on education. They allow attendees to choose the topics they wish to focus on and offer an open forum for attendees to participate in any way they wish.

What was accomplished at the PBS SoCal KIDS Edcamp?

We focused the PBS SoCal Kids Edcamp on early childhood education and invited educators from Compton and surrounding areas to the participatory event. Participants brought their ideas, passions, and questions to brainstorm, and decided on six-session topics for the day. They chose to focus on topics pertaining to the modern classroom: tech integration, STEAM and digital resources, engaging and fostering support from parents and families, and how to manage challenging behavior in the classroom. The conversation generated ideas for resources and further discussion on the development of early childhood education. Attendees enjoyed a fun day of education and learning.

Check out more pictures from the event (below), and other Edcamps from all over the world using the hashtags #PBSEdcamp and #Edcamp on your preferred social media sites.