Unofficial Queen of challah, Sarah Klegman shows us how to braid bread

When the Great British Baking Show requested the contestants create plaited (read: braided) breads using three different kinds of flours, we (non-bakers) didn’t understand. “How hard could it be?” we wondered—or at least the person writing this post did.

So we sought out an expert to teach us the rules of the braided bread road!

Sarah Klegman, co-founder of Challah Hub, an LA-based challah bread company, met up with us at Crafted Kitchen in Downtown Los Angeles, to give us a quick primer in braided breads!

Klegman learned to make braided breads from her mother. When Klegman went to college she found herself missing homemade challah, and decided to take on the task herself. Over time, she built her challah-making skills, finding rolling and braiding techniques that worked best for her, and experimenting with different ingredients.

Sarah Klegman on kitchen set

When Klegman met Challah Hub co-founder Elina Tilipman several years ago at a brunch, Tilipman offered to cover the cost of Klegman’s brunch if she’d agree to teach her how to make challah. Since then, Klegman and Tilipman have been braiding and baking bread together, experimenting with crazy colors and shapes, and in fact started a business. Challah Hub operates primarily online—they set up delivery dates and people interested in purchasing bread can sign up to have bread delivered on those dates. Sometimes, Challah Hub can be found at local bread and food festivals.

Because Challah Hub breads are not yet available 24/7, Klegman and Tilipman wanted to ensure challah accessibility. They included plenty of challah recipes on their website—for experience bread makers/braiders and novices alike! So, if you’d like to try to make your own challah at home, grab one of their recipes, or check out Paul Hollywood’s Chocolate and Cherry Loaf recipe. Then follow along with the video above as Sarah Klegman teaches us how to roll out, braid, glaze, and bake a challah bread! Just looking to explore braiding techniques? The video below covers that.