#KOCE45yrs: We’ve always been dramatic!

It’s the final day of August, and fall is peeking its head around the corner. Although the change in seasons isn’t always obvious in sunny SoCal, we know the signs of autumn well: pumpkin spice lattes return to menus, talk of ‘fantasy football drafts’ fills the internet, and most importantly, new seasons of our favorite television programs return.

1974 KOCE Viewer's Guide
1974 KOCE Viewer’s Guide

A strong fall line-up of quality programming has always been a priority of PBS SoCal’s—even in our earliest days, as evidenced by the illustration found in our 1974 Viewer Guide. And drama was a priority even then.

In 1974, drama on KOCE ranged from mysteries to dramedies, and even dabbled in the theatrical! Among the premier dramas that season was the incredibly popular Upstairs, Downstairs, a show that, according to The Guardian, “has been viewed by over 1 billion people worldwide”. The lineup also included Vienna 1900: Games of Love and Death from novelist Arthur Schnitzler, a Lord Peter Whimsey mystery called The Nine Tailors, and Classic Theater a program that afforded viewers the opportunity to see plays like MacBeth and The Duchess of Malfi. Another notable drama that season was Murder Must Advertise, a MASTERPIECE THEATRE offering that was regarded as one of poet and novelist Dorothy L Sayer’s finest detective stories.

And as our station has grown in the last 45 years, so too have our drama offerings. This September we’re bringing even more spectacular drama programs to the schedule. Starting Saturday, 9/2, we’ve added an extra day of drama programs, including new-to-us (and one of the most popular British TV exports in history) Midsomer Murders, which we’re pairing with the ever-popular The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

This September also brings back the return of some favorites from Masterpiece, including Endeavour and The Escape Artist.

Visit our schedule page to get a full view our current programming, and keep an eye on this space, and on the #KOCE45yrs hashtag to learn more fun facts about your local PBS station!