#KOCE45yrs: Early reviews are in!

KOCE PBS SoCal 1972 logo
KOCE’s first logo

As you may have heard, we at PBS SoCal KOCE are celebrating the station’s 45th anniversary this year. Throughout 2017 we’ve pored through archives of all kinds, which got us wondering: how was KOCE received when it was just a nascent station?

Thanks to the LA Public Library’s digital archives, we didn’t have to search too far to find an answer.

On November 20, 1972, the day before KOCE broadcast its first content, the L.A Times published a piece on its Op-Ed page welcoming the new channel to the area. The Times noted:

KOCE considers the entire Orange County community its campus … In the period of great county growth, one area, culture, has lagged badly. The new station will offer an invaluable vehicle for bringing art and culture—and public affairs programs, focusing on Orange County people and issues—to mass audiences.

The column concludes with “Channel 50 is a welcome addition to Orange County.”

Even 45 years later, the L.A. Times can make us blush!

Over the 4 1/2 decades that followed, KOCE has grown far beyond what anyone at the station (or at the L.A. Times) imagined at that time. In 2011, we became the primary PBS channel for the entire Greater Los Angeles area and Southern California—with that came a boost in our primetime programming—and in our membership across the region, too. (Thank you for your support.) We’re proud to serve this region and excited to look back five years from now and see how we’ve grown even more.