We’d like to introduce you to … our new schedule!

You may recall last November PBS SoCal KOCE launched a new website. We created the design to provide a better experience for our users and offer even more great PBS content.

Since the launch, we’ve received some great feedback on ways to make our new site even better. In particular, we received helpful suggestions to improve our schedule page.

This week we launched some really neat improvements to our show schedule. Check it out!

  • A simpler way to navigate through the different dates.
    PBS SoCal Schedule with arrow pointing at date
  • The option to view the schedule to all of our channels at once.
    PBS SoCal schedule with arrow pointing at channel
  • Background color highlights the show that is currently airing, or the show you’ve selected, to make the details easier to read.
    PBS SoCal Schedule with arrow pointing at description of show

Other small changes include a more user-friendly mobile view, and clearer options to select time of day.

We hope you enjoy the new features in our schedule. We strive to continually improve our site, and would love to hear your feedback. Check out the new schedule.