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Claire Trageser

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Claire Trageser is a journalist who contributes to a variety of outlets, including Parents Magazine, Marie Claire, Runner’s World and NPR. She has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley and now lives in San Diego, where she works for the NPR affiliate KPBS. After her son was born three years ago, Claire began thinking and writing more about education and parenting issues. In her very limited free time, Claire goes running and walks her dog.

Claire Trageser full size
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Young girl counts money made from lemonade stand

How to Talk to Kids About Money

Saving, spending, budgeting — We all need to know about money and if we start teaching kids about it early on, we can help them sharpen key math and life skills that will last them into adulthood.
Little boy and father playing in the park with ball

Should You Let Your Kids Win — or Even Cheat?

Experts weigh in on what to do when your little one starts to cheat or bend the rules in their favor and even how to prepare them for some of life's inevitable losses.
African American father and son holding hands

How to Raise a Boy: Author Emma Brown on Teaching Kids to Fight Misogyny and Stereotypes with Kindness

Investigative journalist Emma Brown became a mom of a little boy when the #MeToo movement began. She decided she would raise her son differently — and even wrote a book about it. Here she offers takeaways from her research on teaching kids to fight misogyny and developing emotional intelligence.
Boy playing with flashlight camping lamp on hideout

How to Take Kids on Night Hikes

Spending time outside at night opens up a whole new world for kids, exposing them to new sounds, new smells and new feelings they don't usually experience. And making it a learning opportunity is easy!
Father wiping daughter's nose with handkerchief

How to Avoid Other Illnesses When the Pandemic Is Over

All of the hand-washing, mask-wearing and social distancing has meant many people have been able to avoid COVID-19, as well as lesser illnesses like colds and cases of flu. So, can we continue to avoid illnesses in the future?
Child holding an egg with Planet Earth painted on it on a sunny day outdoors

How to Talk to Kids About Climate Change

As our planet gets hotter, weather patterns grow more severe, sea levels rise and wildfires become bigger and more frequent, answering children’s questions about the future can be a daunting task. Kids know that the world is changing, and understandably have fears about what life will be like. So, what can parents do?
little girl wearing face mask at home

How to Answer Your Kids' Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines

How do parents and caregivers explain that getting all of us vaccinated will take time? Two experts share their tips on managing vaccine impatience and fear in kids.
A grown-up puts a face mask on a small child while outside.

Expert Tips on How to Help Kids Reengage with Each Other in a Post-Pandemic World

Millions of kids who have been out of school during the COVID-19 pandemic will need to reengage with other kids when we start to see more of each other. How challenging will that reintegration be for them and how can caregivers help? A few experts have answers.
AHL - Friendships for young children

How Important is Friendship at 3-4 Years Old?

With COVID-19, many parents worry their kids are missing out on the development of critical friendship skills at a young age, but experts say there are things families can do at home.
A small child sorts stars at a day care that took part in a pilot hybrid program from PBS SoCal focused on early science and math.

How Home Day Care Providers Are Coping During the Pandemic

Having to make cute handmade masks for children is just one of the many ways home child care providers have been forced to pivot.
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