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Kristie Cabrera-Robledo

Kristie Cabrera is an occupational therapist, urban farmer, and herbalist in training. She believes that having access to nature is a human right and specializes in helping nature spaces improve their accessibility and inclusivity. Kristie creates educational content as well as facilitates workshops on disability justice, decolonizing wellness, art, crafts, and nature. She currently works as an adjunct professor at a local university in NYC as well as a non-profit where she helps young adults with various disabilities learn how to cook and grow food.

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Mother working with small child to teach her how to use a vegetable peeler. cooking

3 Ways to Teach Kids to Be Confident in the Kitchen

Cooking together is a great way for parents and caregivers to bond with kids both every day and during holidays where food is the main event. So whether your child is neurotypical or has special needs, here are three simple tips to get everyone cozy in the kitchen.
A close-up shot of a schoolgirl doing homework with the help of a digital tablet. She is at home sitting at the kitchen table.

Three Virtual Games to Help Students Improve Their Attention in Four Ways

Getting young students to focus on class is difficult. But what does paying attention even mean? Find a few basics on each of the four kinds of attention, coupled with tips and virtual activities that can help little learners develop them.
A man an a small girl read together on a couch as they gasp in wonder together.

How to Help Kids Develop Meaningful Friendships and Social-Emotional Skills at Home

Sometimes, children struggle with making and/or maintaining friends because their social-emotional skills are not developed yet. Luckily, social-emotional skills can easily be learned and practiced at home. To get started, try the following activities to give your child’s social-emotional muscles a workout.
A woman in a green sweater looks down at some papers as she holds a pen. A laptop can be seen next to her.

How to Unwind After Teaching Online

Online teaching can be draining, which is why it’s important to find a restorative routine that allows you to unwind after a long day. These suggestions can help get you started.
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