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Stephanie Murray

Stephanie Murray

Stephanie Murray (Ed.D. candidate) is an education consultant, professor, mom of two lively girls and owner of Creativity in Learning Partners, an education firm with a mission of creating authentic learning experiences. She previously held positions at WNET, New York Public Media where she created award-winning curriculum for PBS KIDS properties, the Newark Museum of Art and was chair of the New York City Early Learning Network. She is a certified teacher and aims to bridge the gap between home and school learning for all children.

Stephanie Murray
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A small child looks up and reaches her hands up at a tall tree

Seven Citizen Science Projects for Southern California Families

Participating in community science shows your children that one small action can contribute to a larger impact, and by working together we can discover more about our shared community. And it can be as easy as going on a walk and taking pictures!
A child plays with a tangram made out of a cereal box.

Five Out-of-the-Box Math Activities You Can Do with Cereal Boxes

Kids love chowing down on cereal, leaving many households swimming in empty cereal boxes. But there’s no need for those boxes to head to the recycling pile immediately! Try repurposing them to use in these five easy activities that also help boost math skills.
Cartoon of a woman in yellow grabbing a branch that holds two aye-aye lemurs.

Connecting Children to Nature and Wildlife from Home

It may feel like it's difficult for kids to engage with the natural world sometimes, but we don't always have to leave home to get our brains outside! Here are some fun ways you can help kids connect to wildlife, from going on an indoor safari, to hanging out with apes virtually and even fostering advocacy by making a supplies drive for local shelters.
AHL - High Fives to Celebrate Women - Finished high five craft

High Fives and Other Fun Activities to Celebrate the Women in Our Lives

Whether grandmothers, aunts, babysitters, teachers, step-moms, health care workers, coaches, or others, our children have a network of women in their life who provide support, guidance and set examples. Here are some fun ways to honor them.
Cropped shot of a happy young family of three watching tv together in their living room at home

How Much is Too Much? Making the Most of Kids’ Screen Time

As families stay at home, we are engaging with screen time for education, recreation and communicating with faraway family and friends. And if you are like me, you are wondering — how much is too much?
two children relax on the floor while watching their devices

Six Places to Find Free E-Books to Make the Most of Screen Time

When you find yourself turning to your device to entertain your little one, use one of the tools below to transform screen time into an enriching e-book storytime — for free.
A mother and child read together

No Time to Read Before Bed? Have Storytime Lunch Instead!

Reading a story together during lunchtime is just one way to take a few minutes throughout the day to get kids reading, but there are many other ways to make reading even more fun at any time. Here are just a few of them.
Two colorful ice cubes painted with food coloring (one blue and one red) sit in a bowl.

Six Quick and Easy Kids Experiments with Wintry Ice

You may not live an area where your little ones can enjoy snow days, but you can recreate some of the magic of interacting with snow and ice with these easy ice experiments — which also just happen to support early science skills.
A family holds numbers counting down to the New Year.

The Countdown’s On: 4 Ways to Use Playful Math on New Year’s Eve

As we count backward, observe clocks and reference calendars during the year-end, we can help our little ones practice counting, sequencing and tallying skills.
Upset looking little girl holds a teddy bear tightly and looks away at the camera as she sits on a couch.

Managing Disappointment: When the Vote Doesn’t Go Our Way

Voting is a great way for children to develop civic decision-making skills but losing a vote can be hard to process. However, with some guidance, they can learn to practice empathy and understanding when they lose. Here are five tips to help kids navigate the experience of losing.
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