PBS SoCal 1
  • Jul 22 5:00 am
    Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
    Pretending Helps with Learning/Ella Jenkins
    Folk-singer Ella Jenkins returns to teach Mister Rogers a song with movements. Pretending is a good way to learn, and Mister Rogers shows how he and his grandson pretend to be elephants. In Make- Believe, there's a periodic puzzling increase in the wind velocity.
  • Jul 29 5:00 am
    Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
    Trying & Learning/How People Make Construction Paper
    Mister Rogers shows how people make construction paper and makes some paper chains. It can take a lot of trying to learn something the important thing is to keep trying.
  • Aug 5 5:00 am
    Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
    Violinist Hilary Hahn/Some Things Children Can't Yet Understand
    World-famous violinist, Hilary Hahn plays some Bach a Mister Rogers reads a bedtime book and talks about some things he was curious about as a child at nighttime. It's nighttime in the Neighborhood of Make- Believe, and "Hula Mouse" brings Prince Tuesday and Little Panda back from their outer space travels. King Friday comes to realize that curiosity is a healthy part of life.
  • Aug 12 5:00 am
    Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
    Ready to Read
    Where does Mister Rogers find a 500 pound baby? At the zoo! It's a baby elephant, and Mister Rogers visits there to learn about how the mother elephant and people at the zoo help care for it. Mister Rogers also has a video showing how people make backpacks. In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday is determined to see what's inside Mayor Maggie's backpack and commands Corney to make a machine that sees inside things.