Sounds of Space: Your Summer of Space Playlist(s)

We couldn’t have a Summer of Space without a carefully crafted and curated playlist available for your enjoyment.

When we asked PBS SoCal and KCET staff for song suggestions we were overwhelmed with ideas. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use them all, but we wanted to use as many as possible. Thus … why there are two playlists.

The first, Sounds of Space, features some classic space-related hits—the songs you’d likely think of if someone demanded you name a song about space. Please note though that the lyrics had to include something space-related to make the cut. Playlist creation is highly competitive—it’s not enough that a song’s title contains the word “space” or “moon” or “stars.”

For your streaming enjoyment, Sounds of Space:

But, as noted above, we made two playlists. The second is a little different. All About that Space features more experimental tracks—songs inspired by space in a more abstract (though no less meaningful) way. As some of these songs are instrumental, we relied in this case on their space-related titles.

Enjoy the playlists, and let us know on Twitter (@pbssocal) what your favorite space-related songs are!