Public media can have meaningful impact on communities, promoting a love of learning and helping improve the prospects for a fulfilling life in a strong, inclusive, informed society.  Our high quality content is at the core of everything that we do. And we work to amplify its power through engagement in the community, as well as partnerships with significant educational, arts and cultural institutions across the region.

PBS SoCal Impact


We use engagement to address educational gaps in our community – including kindergarten preparedness, 3rd grade reading levels, and high school dropout rates. Our educational content and outreach programs together help prepare millions of children for success from cradle to career.

Our expertise in mass media also provides us with a unique opportunity to engage our community in conversations about the issues facing our society. Our rich content provides insight and seeds discussion and we convene community leaders and residents to discuss, explore, and ultimately find new solutions to important issues. Issues like the needs of our most vulnerable communities, including the foster youth community and the homeless.

PBS SoCal Kids Mobile Lab

Across Southern California, PBS SoCal uses our proven engagement models to reach more people with educational experiences for all ages, tailored specifically to serve the diverse people of our region. We can build upon our work by creating experiences for audiences with science, history, nature, and the many subjects we address in our content. And we can broaden our reach to people wherever they are – online, over the air in their living rooms, or right in their neighborhoods.

PBS SoCal Kids Science Project

Community Partnerships

Southern California is served by significant institutions providing a wide range of valuable services that improve our community. They have served Southern California for many years, and will for many years to come.

Over the years, PBS SoCal has developed significant community engagement initiatives in the areas of arts, culture and education – thanks in large part to the partnerships we’ve developed. Cultural institutions like the Music Center, the Huntington Library, the Natural History Museum, LA Opera, The Getty Museum, the LGBT Center, USC and UCLA have worked with us to expand the availability of cultural experiences across the region. And community partners like LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, local Boys & Girls Clubs, First Five California, and K-12 schools across the region have partnered with us to bring critical educational experiences to neighborhoods across our community.

PBS SoCal Arts Fest LIVE

As a reliable, trusted public media partner, PBS SoCal works with diverse organizations on topics of regional importance, with the goals of sparking dialogue and cultivating collaboration. These partnerships will continue to be critical in the future, as we work together to find new ways to serve the diverse people across this region. So among our key priorities, we recognize the importance of building lasting, long-term partnerships with institutions in our community.