March 24 | Programming and Activities | Grades 9-12

Here's what to keep an eye out for on March 23 for grades 9 through 12.

At-Home Learning: PBS SoCal | KCET, in partnership with LAUSD and in collaboration with California PBS stations, are offering broadcast programming with digital resources that adhere to California’s state curriculum. Download this week’s schedule.

Programming Highlights

Nova | Back to the Moon
Tuesday at 8 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. PST on KLCS and 2:00 p.m. PST on KCET
Are we on the cusp of a new dawn of space exploration? Considering the advances of companies like Tesla, the answer seems to be a resounding yes. But why go back to the Moon at all? Besides the fact that it’s a great source of rare materials, the dream of going farther into space with the Moon as a stepping stone is alive and well. 

A rendering of astronauts on the Moon. | Still from Nova “Back to the Moon.”

The Woman in White | Episodes 3 and 4
Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. PST on KLCS
Laura’s fortune is threatened, while Marian starts to suspect Count Fosco, who, with the help of Sir Percival, later sets a terrible plan in motion, with tragic results.

American Experience | The Great War- Part Two
Tuesday at 4 p.m. PST on KLCS
Watch how the U.S. formed its first mass conscripted army, formed by people of diverse heritage.

Enlisted men during WWI. | Still from American Experience, “The Great War, Part 2.”

At-Home Learning Tips

Managing Family Anxiety
Make sure your kids feel safe by maintaining a positive environment at home. Even at a young age, children can pick up on stressful situations by observing their parents’ or older siblings’ responses. Let children know not to worry because there are plenty of people who are working hard to keep the world safe. Read more tips about how to manage family anxiety during these uncertain times.


Daily Programming

Tuesday on KCET
9:00 a.m. The Great American Read “Who Am I?”
Character Study: Scout Finch  – Discussion Questions
Jane Eyre & First-Person Narratives – Discussion Questions

10:00 a.m. Howard’s End Part Two
 Identify Theme in a Literary Work – Video

11:00 a.m. African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross Part 6
African American History since the Civil Rights Movement – Discussion Questions

12:00 p.m. Latino Americans: Peril and Promise Part 6
Latinos at the Ballot Box – Lesson Plan
How Does the U.S. Asylum Process Work? – Video

1:00 p.m. The Amazon: Rivers of Life
Rainforest Pharmacy – Activity
Pink Dolphins of the Amazon – Discussion Questions
Field Research with Cameras – Activity

2:00 p.m. Nova: Back to the Moon
Finding Water on the Lunar Surface – Teaching Tips

Tuesday on KLCS

8:00 a.m. Nova: Back to the Moon
Returning to the Moon – Background Reading
Returning to the Moon – Discussion Questions

9:00 a.m. History Detectives: Hindenburg Artifact
Observing – Interactive Lesson
Helium is Boring – Discussion Questions

10:00 a.m. Africa’s Great Civilizations: The Cross and the Crescent
The Aksum Kingdom: Trade and Ancient Africa – Discussion Questions
Mapping Early Trade – Activity

11:00 a.m. Genius by Stephen Hawking: Can We Time Travel?
Speed of Light: Time Travel – Interactive 
A Brief History of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity – Timeline

12:00 p.m. Nova: Back to the Moon
Returning to the Moon – Background Reading
Returning to the Moon – Discussion Questions
1:00 p.m. The Great American Read “Who Am I?”
Scarlett O’Hara’s True Love in Gone with the Wind – Discussion Questions

2:00 p.m. The Woman in White Part 3
Civil War Letters – Lesson Plan

3:00 p.m. The Woman in White Part 4
Suffragists – Media Gallery

4:00 p.m. The Great War: American Experience Part 2
Propaganda, Public Relations and WW1 – Teaching Tips
How Art Made the World – Lesson Plan

Additional Resources

Lalibela | Africa’s Great Civilizations
Learn about one of the most spectacular religious sites in the world.

Lunar Mysteries: Four Things We Still Don’t Know About the Moon
Have you ever wondered where the Moon was before it is now? Or about the possibility of life having existed there before us? Find the answers to those mysteries and many others.

Artist concept of body the size of our moon slamming into a body the size of Mercury. | NASA/JPL-Caltech