2018 PBS SoCal KIDS Writers Stories Turned Into Animations

In celebration of this new generation's talent, PBS SoCal staff turned a few of winning entries from last year's PBS SoCal KIDS writers contest into animated shorts. Watch them here.

Learn more about the PBS SoCal KIDS Writers Contest here.

What can we learn from a hungry hound, a flatulent sibling and an amazing flying bicycle? That children have healthy imaginations and a wealth of creativity. The proof is in 2018’s PBS SoCal’s KIDS Writers Contest winners.

The writing competition called upon local children to write and illustrate their original tales. In celebration of this new generation’s talent, PBS SoCal staff turned a few of these precious illustrated stories into animated shorts.

Watch three animated stories below.

Anouk’s story shows how friendship and generosity can help us rise above difficult situations.

Kindergarten Second Place: Anouk Katira, San Diego — “Hungry Bobo”

Love and family can overcome it all, even a fart-tastic baby brother.

Special Category Humor: Joshua   Garza (3rd grade), Pico Rivera — “My Little Brother from Fartland”

A girl’s passion for flight drives her older sister to build her the perfect gift.

Third Grade First Place: Juliet Ashley, Culver City – “The Absolutely Magnificent Flying Bike”

Watch out for the next set of animations from the 2019 PBS SoCal KIDS Writers contest. Coming soon!