“Friends Make Friends” by Ezra Kim

A 2019 PBS SoCal KIDS Writers Contest Winner. It's the first day of kindergarten at race car school for Little Jazz. After a bully asks him to race, Little Jazz proves that he's not only a great race car, but an even better friend.

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Ezra Kim is a talented kindergartner from Fort Irwin. Ezra’s inspiration to write his first place-wining story “Friends Make Friends” remains a mystery because when he was presented his award, he was much too shy to share any details about his process as a writer. His mom, Joanne, said the story, which revolves around a little race car’s first day of kindergarten, had quite an effect on Ezra’s sister, who cried a little bit after reading it. With natural talent at such a young age, there’s no telling what Ezra will come up with next!

Ezra’s story was selected to be converted into an animation by PBS SoCal staff. All animations were created by Henry Cram.

Read Ezra Kim’s original story “Friends Make Friends”