“The Moldy Avocado” by Moses Higuera

A 2019 PBS SoCal KIDS Writers Contest Winner. After a discarded avocado seed falls to the ground, Moldy, the cool avocado dude, is born.

Learn more about the PBS SoCal KIDS Writers Contest here.

Moses Higuera is a very creative second-grader from Carson. His mom, Mayra, said he has been writing “from the moment he knew how to hold a pencil.” She said Moses was inspired to write “The Moldy Avocado” after he saw his twin brother and cousin eating guacamole with chips one day after school. Thus, a story about an ‘avocado dude’ named Moldy who ends up saving the day — with ingenuity and plenty of coolness — was born. Pretty surprising, considering Moses isn’t a big fan of avocados himself.

Moses’ story was selected to be converted into an animation by PBS SoCal staff. All animations were created by Henry Cram.

And now, a glimpse into the mind of the budding writer:

  • What’s your favorite book? The series of Captain Underpants.
  • What’s your favorite TV show? Arthur
  • What’s your favorite type of car? Porsche
  • What’s your favorite color? Green
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Engineer

Read Moses Higuera’s original story “The Moldy Avocado”