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A close-up shot of a schoolgirl doing homework with the help of a digital tablet. She is at home sitting at the kitchen table.

Three Virtual Games to Help Students Improve Their Attention in Four Ways

Getting young students to focus on class is difficult. But what does paying attention even mean? Find a few basics on each of the four kinds of attention, coupled with tips and virtual activities that can help little learners develop them.
A small child in a pink shirt stretches out her arms over her head as she sits at a desk with a laptop on it.

Back to Basics: Keeping Students Engaged After a Year of Remote Learning

After months of remote learning, many teachers are struggling to make the experience engaging for kids, making it high time for a reimagining of strategies. But instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, why not go back to tried-and-true strategies? With that in mind, here are some simple tips and tech tools to help teachers reel their kids back into class.
A young female teacher wearing red headphones works at a desk with a laptop on it.

An Educator’s Guide to Cultivating a Digital Presence with Purpose

Having a digital presence with purpose is critical to our development as 21st-century education leaders. Here's how to develop one.
Children raising their hands in a classroom, iStock

4 Distance Learning Tools for an Inclusive, Engaging Classroom

Teachers are looking for virtual ways to keep their students focused and engaged, including young learners with disabilities.
A young boy and young girl using educational tablets.

Tech-Savvy Educator's Tested Tools for Home-Based Teaching

An early childhood educator who doubles as a tech coordinator, shares her school's journey into home-based instruction and the programs that have worked best.
Shelly Bautista

5 Virtual Ways to Build a Classroom Community

When your families or administrators ask that you provide continuity of learning to your kids virtually, you step up to the plate.
A mother and 2 young children using mobile devices. | PBS SoCal

Tips and Apps to Design Meaningful Educational Experiences

How to choose the best app for your students.
Miss Cole's First Class

6 Tips to Help Educators Start Their Online Classes

I know you’re asking for a friend. Obviously you know how to do online classes because you became an online teacher yesterday, right? But here are some…
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