Major Giving

Why Support PBS SoCal?

PBS SoCal has seen remarkable growth. Our audiences have increased dramatically, making us the third-most-watched PBS station in the nation. And our membership numbers have expanded exponentially—making us the fastest-growing station in the country. PBS SoCal is a mission-driven nonprofit whose budget includes a small percentage of federal allocations, membership dollars that cover our programming costs, and revenues reinvested into the public service we provide. All of our innovation, growth, and strategic investment is funded through philanthropic giving—you.


What does all of this mean?

We feel obligated to continue to serve as one of the most consequential media conveners in Southern California. We feel honor-bound to create partnerships that bring communities together, provide educational opportunities no one else does, support the arts in ways that no commercial broadcasters do, and showcase technology. There are countless ways that we can, and do, and will continue to serve you.

We hope you agree that PBS SoCal is essential to the pulse of activity that makes Southern California great. We hope that we touch you in ways that inspire you to include us in your annual philanthropic plan. We hope that you celebrate the roads we have traveled together. And we hope that you are excited about the ways in which we—your public broadcasting service—can continue to play an active role in your life. Our needs are broad and specific, allowing many ways to make a gift to PBS SoCal. Give a gift today, learn more about the many ways to give including our annual giving program, The Leadership Circle.


Leadership Circle

Every great institution depends on a core of faithful patrons whose commitment surpasses that of the customary gift. At PBS SoCal, the Leadership Circle is that core. Leadership Circle members are families and individuals who are aware of the impact and, more importantly, the tremendous potential of PBS SoCal. Their leadership nurtures and promotes the ideal of excellence in television programming with annual cumulative gifts of $1,500 or more.

Your support as a Leadership Circle member provides crucial unrestricted funds that enable PBS SoCal to produce and broadcast the highest quality television programs. As a member, your generosity is recognized with a range of exclusive benefits based on your giving level.