Produced by Latino Public Broadcasting, the acclaimed PBS documentary series VOCES features the best of Latino arts, culture and history and shines a light on current issues that impact Latino Americans. Devoted to exploring the rich diversity of the Latino experience, VOCES presents new and established filmmakers and brings their powerful and illuminating stories to a national audience — on TV, online and on the PBS app.

Premieres for Fall 2019:
9/13 @ 9 p.m. - Raúl Juliá: The World’s a Stage, a special co-presentation of VOCES and American Masters
9/20 @ 10 p.m. - Porvenir, Texas
9/27 @ 10 p.m. - Adios Amor: The Search for Maria Moreno

Aired: 9/20/2019 | 0:00:30 | Promotion
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